The Heavy Mover is a Paul-Concept, designed for worldwide heavy-duty special applications in the most difficult off-road terrains. Impressive are its enormous dimensions at first glance at a width of 3.50 meters with a compact length of 12.30 meters. With a weight of 250 tonnes, he can shoulder up to 220 tonnes of payload in semi-trailer and trailer handling.

The solo heavy duty truck has an empty weight of around 27 tons and a permissible total weight of a considerable 80 tonnes. The Heavy Mover is suitable for material transports, in particular the special transport of large-dimensioned components such as concrete piers and pipeline segments, as well as for inserts with platform and equipment superstructures under the most severe off-road conditions and extreme climatic conditions. 

He sets completely new standards in his main fields of mining, oil extraction and gas exploration, where he is at home as a water and fuel supply vehicle with large-volume tank superstructures, as well as for moving drilling units ("Rig Moving") or as a mobile heavy-load crane vehicle.

In spite of its gigantic dimensions, the off-road payload giant with its 6x6 all-wheel drive reaches safely the place of use under the most adverse conditions. Favorable slope angle of up to 30 degrees, it owes its slight overhang at the front and rear.

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