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  • Emptying of refuse collection containers e.g. in waste management recycling centers
  • Suction of light fractions e.g .: Leaves, tetra paks, foils, plastic containers smaller than 5l


Standard Chassis

  • Mercedes-Benz Arocs 2545 L 6×2 Euro 6
  • Wheelbase: 5.100 mm
  • Weight Variant: 26,0t (9,0/11,5/7,5)




  • Meiller hooklift system RS21.65 for containers with max. 6.500 mm length
  • additional container supports for shorter containers on the base frame
  • telescopic hook lift
  • hydraulic scs underrun protection
  • Aluminum wheel covers for rear axles

Suction Unit:

  • High-Performance suction fan on the left of the vehicle frame
  • Operation via engine power take-off
  • Protective cover for blower with noise insulation lining
  • approx. 110 dB at max. performance in suction operation
  • Laterally extendable and swiveling suction hose and pipe system with extendable suction nozzle
  • Blow-out pipe system with hydraulic changeover for multi-chamber containers
  • High-performance hydraulic system with multi-circuit pump, oil cooler, tank system
  • Control system via manual control station or radio remote control
  • Tachometer for fan speed
  • 5 LED work lights