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Econic HZL
Econic HZL
Econic HZL
Econic HZL
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Econic HZL
Econic HZL
Econic HZL


Fast and safe arrival is vital in fire extinguishing and rescue operations: Paul Nutzfahrzeuge has developed an all-wheel steering system in order to increase agility, especially in confined inner-city areas with dense traffic. The rigid rear axle has been replaced by an electro-hydraulically steered axle with differential lock and drum brakes. This makes both front and all-wheel steering possible as well as diagonal steering and manual rear axle steering.

This chassis serves as reliable basis for fire engine superstructures which earmark it for use as a fire-engine type HLF 20. However, it can also be configured for use with a turntable ladder. Since an original front axle from Mercedes-Benz has been installed as a steered rear axle, service and maintenance work can be carried out in authorised Mercedes-Benz workshops anywhere in the world.



  • Fire Brigade
  • Municipality



  • Mercedes-Benz 4×2/4×4
  • Scania 4×2/4×4



  • Installation of a steered rear axle
  • Steering system: electronic-hydraulic with centering
  • Types of steering: front-axle steering, all-wheel steering, diagonal steering and manual rear axle steering
  • Axle ratio
  • Hinterachslast je nach Bereifung 9-10,5t
  • Chassis preparation for fire engine superstructure
  • Change of tire dimension
  • Repositioning attachments